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How to Apply for a Loan

A loan, in fact, is a contract between a person and some financial institution that grants a cash amount, without specific destination, that must be paid in installments and established terms. The rules of this agreement are defined by the institutions themselves: interest rates, values, minimum income, fines, charges, etc. Loans can be provided by banks or other financial institutions,…

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Real Estate Investing

  MAKING AN INVESTMENT IN REAL ESTATE  Financing a property is a great investment, but you need to know what to look for. Here are five factors to consider when buying a home: Criticism at LOCATION: This is one of the main factors to consider, it goes far beyond choosing the neighborhoods of your choice. There are other points…

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Syndicated loan – definition, practical application

An ancillary loan is – contrary to the name – not a stand-alone loan but a sub- loan under an existing syndicated loan, under the terms of the syndicated loan. see for more notes Credit in practice   In practice, ancillary loans are mainly issued for guarantees, overdrafts and foreign exchange transactions. Ancillary loans, in particular, are used for…

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